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Basement Wall Crack Injection

Wall Crack Injection

To seal foundation cracks, MHM Foundation Solutions uses a proven, effective basement wall crack injection process. We can inject a special waterproof material into leaking or dry wall cracks to seal them off once and for all. This means that you no longer need to worry about having a wet basement any time it rains. Your basement's foundation is made from concrete which will crack by means of curing. All concrete encounters some shrinkage during the curing process, and this can lead to the development of wall cracks. These wall cracks can leak over time if they aren't properly sealed. This means that you need to contact MHM Foundation Solutions at the first sign of a basement wall crack! Check our service area to see if we offer wall crack repair work in your area.

We guarantee that your basement will be dry, safe, and moisture-free after we complete the basement wall crack injection process! We will make sure that our work was completed successfully and will be sure to clean up the job site before we leave your home.

The Process

Foundation Crack Repair

A lot of homeowners have questions about the basement crack injection process. To fix these wall cracks, we inject a liquid urethane material into the cracks which will permanently seal them so that no water can seep inside your home. That's really all there is to it! It's a quick fix that provides a life-long answer to your leaky basement wall cracks.

It's important to take care of these wall cracks as soon as you notice them so that your drywall, floor coverings, insulation, and priceless belongings and family heirlooms don't get destroyed.

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