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Bowed Wall Repair

MHM Foundation Solutions is an official dealer and installer of wall anchors from SafeBasements™, and these products can provide bowed wall repair and will be able to take care of leaning, bowed walls on Pierre, Aberdeen, Watertown, and Sioux Falls area homes. These wall anchors are specially-designed to deal with the structural damage which bowed walls can cause. These wall anchor systems come with a 25 year, transferable warranty. A lot of homeowners call us and ask what causes a bowed wall. Check our service area to see if we offer bowed wall repair work in your area.

There are many things which can trigger your foundation walls to begin leaning into your home, including:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: This is one of the most common causes of bowed walls. Water in the soil pushes on the wall, and this pressure is known as hydrostatic pressure.
  • Tree Roots: Some trees on your property may have roots which extend into your foundation. When this happens, an extreme amount of pressure can be placed on the walls of your basement.
  • Heavy Soils: Heavy, shifting soils exert a lot of pressure on basement walls and can cause them to lean in and crack.
  • Poor Building Materials: The materials your foundation was built with could have been of poor quality. If this is the case, it's not surprising that the poorly built structure will begin to bow in over time.
  • Age of the Home: As time goes on, your basement walls can become very weak and settlement could cause the walls to bow in.
  • Settling: If your home's foundation is resting on weak soil, it can start to settle over time.
  • Deterioration of the Foundation: As time passes, your foundation walls can break down and allow water to seep inside. Naturally, this will weaken the walls.
  • Concrete Shrinkage: Concrete cures as it dries, and your foundation could still be settling if too much shrinkage occurs.

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video about the installation of wall anchors:

Proven Way of Repairing Bowed Walls

SafeBase™ Basement Wall Anchor

Before the development of these effective wall anchors by SafeBasements™, homeowners didn't have many options when it came to repairing bowed walls. Often times, foundation repair contractors would say that the only way to repair the foundation would be to rebuild it. This would involve jacking up the home and keeping it lifted for extended periods of time while workers fixed or rebuilt the foundation down below. Naturally, foundation specialists wanted to come up with a better, easier, faster, and more affordable way to deal with bowed walls.

The SafeBasements™ Wall Anchor System makes use of steel rods which strengthen, stabilize, and push the bowed walls back to where they need to be. These wall anchors can be installed quickly and without much excavation. This means that you don't have to worry about your landscaping or yard getting destroyed by heavy equipment and unnecessary digging. Basically, a steel anchor will be inserted into the wall in the soil around the foundation. Then, another steel anchor will be attached to the rod through a small hole in the ground. A steel wall plate will secure the rod to the inside of the bowed basement wall.

How Wall Anchors Fix Bowed Basement Walls

A lot of homeowners want to know how our wall anchors fix bowed basement walls. Wall anchors installed by MHM Foundation Solutions will be able to provide the horizontal strength needed to support and straighten your bowed walls back into a vertical position. We often see bowed walls resulting from excessive moisture in the soil around your home, as well as poor drainage or a bad grade of soil. When a wall anchor is installed, it will be able to provide the lateral strength needed to resist any forces applied by the soil surrounding the foundation. Our wall anchors are flexible and will be able to be tightened over time as your wall starts to straighten itself.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about having wall anchors installed to take care of your bowed basement wall problem. We look forward to talking with you soon!